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Angular Contact Ball Bearing

LYZYC is a well-known professional manufacturer of angular contact ball bearings in China, and has provided precision bearings for the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation for 14 years.

Our ball bearings are made of metal and ceramic, and come in 8 different series, including single row ball bearing, steel ball bearings, and ceramic ball bearings, sealed ball bearings, miniature ball bearings, and thrust ball bearings. They can bear a radial load as well as a unidirectional axial load. The industrial bearings with a greater contact angle can bear a greater axial load, but a smaller radial load. Conversely, a ball bearing with a smaller contact angle can bear smaller axial loads, but a greater radial load, which makes it more suited for high speed applications.

In addition, depending on working conditions, the precision bearings used for spindles can be configured in different ways to obtain the required capacity of bearing radial and axial loads, in order to meet the requirements for high speed and excellent radial and axial stiffness. Because of that, the metal ball bearings and ceramic ball bearings are widely preferred and used as spindle bearings in precision machine tools.

There are four types of configurations available of our angular contact ball bearings:


Back to back (DB) (ex. 70,000/DB): With the load lines diverged along the bearing axis, the ball bearing can bear the axial loads acting in both directions, but the axial load in each direction is borne by only a single bearing. Bearings mounted back to back provide a bearing configuration featuring a high rigidity and are capable of withstanding the loads of overturning movements.

Face to face (DF) (Ex. 70,000/DF): With the load lines converged along the bearing axis, the machine tool bearing can bear axial loads acting in both directions. However, the axial load in each direction is born by a single bearing. The face to face configuration has a relatively low rigidity, and is not suitable for overturning movements.

Tandem (DT) (70,000/DT): In a tandem configuration, the load lines are parallel, thus, the radial and axial loads are evenly shared by the ball bearing. However, the bearing set can only bear the axial load in a single direction. If the axial load acts in the opposite direction, or there is a combined load, a third bearing must be added to make the adjustment against the tandem configuration, which can achieve the balance and limit the axial displacement.

Universal (DU): According to the stiffness and load requirements of the application, the universal matched bearing can be arranged to DB, DF or DR configurations in different ways, and the required preload can be acquired without any complicated adjustments.

Here is the correspondance table of equivalents of LYZYC code and other brands bearing code:


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