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Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Ceramic Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Structural features:
           Basic series LYZYC precision bearing with ISO standard.
The contact angle include 15º and 25º, the paired use can bear both axial load and radial load or synthetic load.

Two types of cage:
           The outer ring guided phenolic resin bakelite cloth cage and the rolling element guided nylon cage can be selected according to different uses.
           For the middle-high speed working conditions, is recommended to use bakelite cage; 500000≤DmN≤1000000 
           For the low speed working conditions, can use nylon cage or bakelite cage.

Speed factor:
           Outer ring guided phenolic resin bakelite cloth cage as standard
           Grease lubrication  DmN≤1000000  that the limiting speed  N≤1000000/Dm  Dm—Bearing mean diameter
            Oil (minimum quantity) lubrication    DmN≤1500000

           This type of bearing has a wide application; Mainly used in high-speed precision axial positioning and radial positioning, and high precision rotation, etc.

For example:
           CNC lathe spindle, various workpiece axis of grinding machine, grinding wheel spindle, photovoltaic slicer, vacuum pump, blower, precision transmission machinery and others.

Model Selection

Installation and Maintenance
 1. Please use the corrosion resistant bearings in a clean and dust free environment. The bearings should be carefully configured and the bearing spacer must be grounded. The inner and outer bearing spacers should have the same height and their depth of parallelism should be controlled to within 1µm.
2. Before installation wash and clean the angular contact ball bearing. After drying, lubricate the bearing with a specific amount of grease oil. If using oil mist lubrication, use it in moderation.
 3.  Special tools are required for installation. Exert the force evenly on the bearing, and don't hit it.
4. The single row ball bearing should be stored in a clean and ventilated place away from corrosive gas. The relative humidity of the environment should be no more than 65%, and regular rust protection is needed for long-term storage.

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