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Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

This separable roller bearing is easy to assemble and disassemble. The two bearings can be fit tightly, and the stress concentration between the cylindrical roller and the raceway can be reduced. The N roller bearing has no ribs on the outer ring, however there are ribs on both sides of the inner ring, allowing the rings to move axially relative to each other in both directions. The NU roller bearing is opposite the N bearing, in that it has no ribs on the inner bearings, but there are ribs on the outer ring, allowing axial movement in both directions. Our cylindrical roller bearing can be used as a free end bearing.

Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
ModelBoundary DimensionsLoad RatingLimiting SpeedCage Material
dDBCr    CorGrease Oil
N1008K40681525.1 2815000 17000Nylon
N1009K45751629.2 32.513000 15000Nylon
N1010K50801630.8 36.512000 14000Nylon
N1011K55901840.2 4811000 13000Nylon
N1012K60951842.9 531000 12000Nylon
N1013K651001844.6 58.59500 11000Nylon
N1014K701102057.2 759000 10000Nylon
N1015K751152056.1 758500 9500Nylon
N1016K801252269.3 938000 9000Nylon
N1017K851302273.7 1027500 8500Nylon
N1018K901402479.2 1087000 8000Nylon
N1019K951452484.2 1166700 7500Nylon
N1020K1001502488 1256700 7500Nylon
N1021K10516026110 1536300 7000Nylon
N1022K11017028128 1805600 6300Nylon
N1024K12018028134 1965300 6000Nylon

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