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Ball Screw Support Bearing

Model Selection

Structural features:
           High purity bearing steel (can control strictly the detrimental oxide impurities that affect the rolling fatigue life) for inner and outer rings, contact angle of 60º, more number of steel balls, etc. Greater axial stiffness;            Compared with tapered roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings, the starting torque is smaller, that achieve the running with low driving force and high precision;            The paired use can bear both axial load and radial load or synthetic load.            Rolling element guided nylon cage

Speed factor:
           Grease lubrication  DmN≤400000  that the limiting speed  N≤400000/Dm  Dm—Bearing mean diameter

           Mainly for axial positioning and repeat positioning with high precision.

For example:
screw support of CNC lathe, screw support of CNC universal grinding machine, screw support of automatic CNC bearing rings grinding machine, screw support of CNC machining centers and other kinds of screw support of CNC precision transmission machinery.

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