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Custom Bearing
    1. Precision Bearing for Metallurgy Equipment Typically used in the working processes for iron and steel manufacturing, rough and precision rolling, and more, the precision bearings for metallurgy equipment can adapt to high temperatures and speed, ultra-low speeds, watered, contaminated and other harsh working conditions.
    1. Spindle Bearing for Machine Tools This analytical technique reduces energy consumption, and the evaluation technique achieves a strict corresponding needs assessment, and the lubrication technology that reduces energy consumption and improves the working performance.
    1. Bearing for Pumps and Compressors Bearings for pumps and compressors must have a high chemical stability, as well as oil and heat resistance, because pumps and compressors are widely used in chemical environments full of compressor and refrigerator oils and ammonia refrigerants.
    1. Bearing for Small Turbojet Engine The ring material uses X-life Cronidur30 high nitrogen stainless steel and special heat treatment process and cold treatment process
    1. Bearing for Vacuum Pump For turbomolecular pump and dry pump, require that the bearing has long life, reliability and high speed;
    1. Bearing for High-Speed Wire Rod Mill The high-speed wire rod mill bearings can work continuously and stably under high speed and high impact conditions, and have a longer service life.
    1. Ultra-low Temperature Bearing The ultra-low temperature bearings can be used in LOX pump, liquid nitrogen pump, LPG pump and other cryogenic liquid pumps;
    1. Thin section ball bearings customize thin section ball bearings as request.

As a precision bearing manufacturer, Lyzyc can manufacture different non-standard custom bearings, includinghigh temperature and high precision bearings, pump bearings, compressor bearings and special bearings for specific working conditions based on customer needs.

We are known for our industry leading research and development for precision bearings, especially in specific topics, including minimizing vibration noises, the enhancement of the seal performance, improvement on the effects of lubrication, and extending the bearing's service life. We have mastered a number of core technologies for bearing manufacturing, and have carried out a number of achievements in terms of product application.

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