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16 years of experience in making precision bearings; Outstanding partner of China Aerospace Group; Best precision bearing manufacturer in China

LYZYC Bearing is a leading precision bearing manufacturer on the market today. Lyzyc's super precision bearings are manufactured using advanced core technologies, manufacturing techniques and production equipment, specifically P2 and P4 level precision bearings for worldwide customers. Our bearing products include single row ball bearings, steel ball bearings, ceramic ball bearings, high-speed ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, sealed ball bearings, ball screw support bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings and come in more than 1,000 specifications and diameter choices ranging from 8 to 620mm. Our industrial bearings are used in many industrial sectors as machine tool bearings, spindle bearings, compressor bearings, automotive bearings, pump bearings, and aerospace bearings in CNC machine tools, high-speed wire rod metallurgical equipment, photovoltaic power generators, high speed and high precision machinery, high temperature and corrosion resistant mechanical equipment, and more. We can also customize bearings for different customer needs, including flexible bearings, stainless steel bearings, large diameter bearings, corrosion resistant bearings and special bearings for different environments.We can provide three packages: the bearings with our brand LYZYC, Neutral brand and Customers’ brand (Authorization Certificate needed).

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    1. Single Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing
    2. Single Row Angular Contact Ball BearingBasic series LYZYC precision bearing with ISO standard .
      The contact angle include 15º and 25º, the paired use can bear both axial load and radial load or synthetic load.
    1. Ball Screw Support Bearing
    2. Ball Screw Support BearingHigh purity bearing steel (can control strictly the detrimental oxide impurities that affect the rolling fatigue life) for inner and outer rings, contact angle of 60º, more number of steel balls, etc. Greater axial stiffness;
    1. Cylindrical Roller Bearing
    2. Cylindrical Roller BearingUsing high purity bearing steel or double vacuum high temperature resistant bearing steel for inner and outer rings, with a special heat treatment process, cold treatment process and material modification technology, greatly improve the fatigue life of this series of bearing.
  • Service
    1. For each of our customers, Lyzyc is committed to providing complete and friendly services and commitment.

      We can design and develop special bearings according to specific customer needs. We have developed and produces non-standard bearings for manufacturers of pumps, air compressors, machine tools, high temperature and high speed bearings.

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  • Quality Control
    1. We carry out strict quality management systems based on ISO9001:2008 standards, starting from raw materials procurement, and track the entire production flow and complete detailed files on the product quality, manage the measuring tools, and standard bearing parts to make sure they conform to regulations. We also carry out two internal audits to ensure the successfully implementation of our own quality system.

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